September 15, 2018

Coming back!

By Cristina Tamames
Coming back!


After so many years doing so many other things other than working in my studio, I am coming back to do what I really love! My heart is calling me again to sit and create those unique pieces of jewelry that people have been asking for. 

Life takes many tours but when you have something deep in your heart that you love so much, you come back to it time and time again, it is as it does not let you detach from it until it is payed attention to!
So, here I am again, happy in between all kinds of stones in this magical room that I call my studio, happy to be creating again, happy to see what will come from the moments spent surrounded by all this beautiful memories that have been waiting for me to come back!

I hope you enjoy visiting and looking around my work as much as I love making each piece!
                   Thank you for coming and spending some time with me!  




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