About Cristina

Hello, it is so nice to meet you!
My name is Cristina, I hope you enjoy knowing about my work as you read along...
I love to design jewelry that brings out your inner calm and sense of joy.
Working in my studio, a place of peace and inspiration, I love creating jewelry that talks to you, jewelry that you enjoy wearing day and night.
My intention as I design each new piece, is to bring out that sense of security and power that you love!
 Enjoying life and making each moment memorable is a big part of the intention behind my pieces, those distinctive, strong and different pieces of jewelry that you love wearing any moment of your day!
From my travels to Spain, where I was born, I bring back great inspiration to create new, fresh one of a kind pieces of jewelry.
The music, the people, the surroundings participate and inspire me to design each new collection. I love touching and selecting my materials noticing the energy they carry as I work on each new piece.
Passion and love for beauty are always present which I hope you feel as you wear your unique jewelry bringing your great personality to a higher place!
Always grateful for what life brings each day!  
Enjoy a splash of fresh air as you visit my work!